Poem: My Ride to the Gates

On my ride home on any given day I pass by so many street side memorials,
A cold breeze against my flesh to bring remembrance of where bodies once laid,
Not laid to rest,
But laid like the rest,
In a horizontal disposition wearing their Sunday’s best,
Sometimes I wonder if they ever had a chance to confess,
Wondering if their families turned the giving away of their belongings into a mess,
Wonder how many questions they left their circle of friends to guess,
Wonder if that circle had the real answers would they love them any less,
Many say that they Love them, but death is that final test,
It’s like the toughest armor against the insults, like a bullet proof vest,
A body maybe laid in the east, but the soul lives out west,
Random thoughts like these fill my head at times, just—–
To ground me and remind me of the fragility of this life,
One minute they’re breathing, and the next being slain by a knife,
—- or the street’s new .38 called the choppa,
One of those GOD forsaken weapons that is labeled a show stoppa,
— because it will stop the existence of a person’s smile,
Stop the nagging for ice cream from that innocent child,
Stop the living of those left behind for a long while,
Stop many of you mid stride from scanning your address book for their number to dial,
Stop you from being able to see a miracle happen, like in the green mile,
Stop you from seeing your friend dressed in an outfit of the latest style,
Stop a person from smiling, only to fill them with revenge and an anger that’s vile,
—- these senseless murderers need to be laid out and have their IV’s filled with tainted vials,
Because they removed the vowels that made our sentences flow,
They placed our communities in darkness with only their gunfire to make the skies glow,
Many profess to be gangsters or murderers, but behind bars they are someone’s hoe,
Unable to wake up from their sad lives, even after drinking the strongest cup of joe,
Their self esteems are in most cases set to a level, that’s the lowest of the low,
The sad part is that they don’t have the authority to tell the devil No,
Killing someone can also come in the form of selling blow,
—– or should I say smoke, shoot and sniff,
Dark clouds always smell like rain, you should take a whiff,
Because your soul will be the flour in GOD’s heavenly sift,
—– separating the chaff from the wheat,
Separating those in the VIP, and pulpits main seat,
Separating those in the red bottoms, from those walking bare feet,
The KING has extended the invitation, because your spirit he wants to meet,
—- at the gates with his book in hand ready to chant,

Welcome home thy good and faithful servant!

~~~DaInfamous © Copyright by Wordplay



Poem: Seasons

As the snow fell outside,
I felt your soft lips move across my back,
I could feel the warmth of the fireplace,
but the Heat between us formed a tighter embrace…..

Your kisses seemed as cold as the ice outside,
and your touch was like the fire inside…….
I began to submit to the torture of your winter and summer ……
The moans you were creating in me, had me thinking “How did I meet her?”……
My submission was inevitable, because you met every stroke with a slight pull……

I began to see that Spring was on the horizon,
and I soon realized that it was not only the Sun that was rising.

I moved closer to you parting your legs, and spreading them like a rose blossoming in the garden…..
the pinkish folds caused my nature to harden..

My tongue rained down hard on you like falling hail in a spring storm,
the over flow of your down pours, trickled and settled down in this upside down mountain, that resembled my chin.
I battled the storm, by seeking refuge in the pillar of your thighs, even after the flood waters began to rise.

The winds of ecstasy shook the pillars with amazing force, the gushing waters rushed forward with little remorse…..

I braced myself as the flood waters emptied, into the field of my mouth, no longer will I be challenged to venture south.

The sun was now exposed, like your treasured pearl, your head swayed and swirled….. like the palm trees in a smooth breeze.

Your body began to curl from inner muscle spasms that continued to cross from breast to breast, then down your chest, only to rest…….

At the bare mound of your hill……

This is the place where I will plant a tree, where its root will feed from your liquid pleasures, and it will grow strong from your fertile soil.

~~~ DaInfamous

© Copyright by WordPlay


Poem: A Pierced Bean will Bleed

Silent whispers can scream from the shadows with an amazing roar,
The slow churning sounds and mysterious smells will entice you to its door,
The darkness keeps you from seeing the nail scrapes on the floor,
The feeling of this allure can be felt in your hearts inner core,
The unbearable pain is some thing that you never want to feel anymore,
The feeling can have you feeling like the poorest of the poor,
Time is promised to no man, and we have no idea what the next hour will have in store,
The intense pain has grown numb, as the shadows violently tore —–
—– the fabric from its innermost seams,
And doesn’t even seem to know what that means,
To have a shoulder that is set up for you to properly lean,
Pardon, my ignorance for not being able to understand your need to esteem,
The arctic waves of uncertainty, is causing the boiler room to fill with steam,
Failure to pay attention to the warning lights, can cause the ship to go down with the team,
I have set the navigation in the direction of the Lights beam,
But Mother Nature has her eyes set on turning this ship into a wreck for the diver’s scene,
The outer core protects the inner core, like any nut or bean,
The skins are sometimes dry and crusted or shiny with gleam,
The silent whispers ripped the pocket from the shirt’s seam,
And the shadows doesn’t even know, what something like that means,
Much like many will never understand what goes on in the mind of drug feen,
Or the adolescent attitude that mysteriously develops in a child’s teens,
Do we all know what the definition of LOVE really means?
I suggest we all find our own definition, because the reality of the differences could be mean!
This world can be dirty place, even if you have been thoroughly cleaned!
Many eat healthy all their lives, but the smallest bit of pollution to the body, can have the surgeons removing your spleen,
Leaving a scar that will be always be seen,
When you expose the flesh, which covers your heart like any nut or bean!

~~DaInfamous © Copyright by Wordplay


Poem: Concrete Thoughts

Poem: Concrete Thoughts

Sometimes things can get as hard as the concrete I pound my fist into,
With a dam that stirs the soul of Florida Evans,
But some times, times are not good,
And the struggle is real,
People are stressed beyond the level of compassion,
They are in need of currency….. because currently,
They are imposters laying blankets of help to keep them warm,
—- But they are infected….
with a virus that mutates itself in their dreams,
creating nightmares that are only awoken too,
spoken through,
the eyes of a broken soul,
— taking comfort only in time,
because they claim it heals,
but no one is ever there when the guns get real,
when the gunshots burn,
— they feel, the pain of ripped flesh,
Have you ever smelled the stench of burning flesh?
So don’t be so consumed with time,
Because it leads to death,
And the only concrete that will be pounding is the vault into your grave,
Holding no value,
Because your dreams and talents left with your last breath!

~~~DaInfamous ©Copyright by Wordplay


Poem: Breathe



So Listen, if I’m a breath of fresh air, then let me into you. Let me fill you, and provide some oxygen to that lovely body. I promise to circulate all thru you, and when you exhale, I’ll be right there beside you.

So go ahead and inhale Me deeply, so I can sustain and maintain Life to your Love. It’s not by chance, there’s a reason why you were made from the Rib, by the man above.

The ribs are there to protect the heart and lungs, so let’s protect our lungs so we can breathe Love, and let’s protect our hearts from the past, so we can have a fresh start,

So Breathe me and I’ll Love you, is what I said to her……

See, this girl has struck a nerve deep into my manly core, and although I shouldn’t, I’m intrigued so I leave an open door —- to my heart.

Cuz’ this woman breathes me, and I maintain her love of life, and there is no doubt that someone would have taken her hand as their wife. And, as I read her poetry, I can only imagine the sway of her lips, feverishly wondering if one kiss would make me whip.

She bares her soul so intimately; that it feels like she had foreplay directly with my nervous system, and every line seems to make a different body part spasm with no control, no longer able to hold —-On. So, I let go and allow myself to sink deeper into her, inflating her chest and speeding up the process evolution, as a pair of mountains grow before me with erect peaks, that I plan to explore because after all, it’s her breath I seek.

She inhales me so deep, that I’m absorbed into her bloodstream and I shoot through her body without being seen.

But, no matter where my travels take me in her, I always pay homage to my favorite part, —-her growing heart. See, I provide the food to feed her soul, and being in her presence makes a brotha whole.

She completes me, then beats me, with her passionate words that embrace, it’s like I can almost feel her tracing her finger along my face, causing my heart to speed up with haste, trying to keep my nerves at a steady pace, but it too late because I realized her words were laced —– with ecstasy. And all sudden I became cold, then hot….. not wanting her to stop, so I begged for more…… only to realize there was a fire under me and I was the chocolate in her S’more.

~~~ DaInfamous
©Copyright by WordPlay