Rock Your Natural Hair

Very inspiring article on Natural Hair, by my daughter for the college newspaper. Just thought I would share with the blog word.


November 19, 2013
Bernesia D.

Late celebrity make-up artist Ross Burton once said, “If you aren’t confident, it doesn’t matter what reflection you see in the mirror.”

Two years ago, I gave up chemical processing and the silky smooth, straight hair that accompanies it. I did what many would call “going natural,” and although my natural hair may be a bit frustrating at times, I love my kinks and curls because they are a part of who I am.
Natural hair is defined as hair that hasn’t been altered by chemical straighteners, including but not limited to, relaxers and texturizers. Natural hair, in my opinion, is the best thing ever. If I could go back in time, I would choose to go natural all over again.

Wearing your hair naturally is healthy for you in more ways than one. The hair relaxing process involves using chemicals that break down your hair to make each strand straight. This breakdown can weaken your hair, causing it to become brittle and even fall out. Natural hair, in comparison to relaxed or texturized hair, is stronger, more durable and nutrient rich. In addition, it sheds less and grows faster.

Another benefit of natural hair is its affordability. You don’t have to make bi-monthly trips to the salon anymore. Instead, all you need for natural hair maintenance is your shampoo and conditioner. Many other natural hair care remedies can be made with your everyday household items, such as eggs, honey, sour cream, lemon juice, olive oil, beer, cornstarch, avocado and even baking soda. Not only is natural hair healthier, but it allows for more hairstyles, as the strands are stronger and able to hold and maintain styles longer than chemically weakened and relaxed hair.

I made my decision to give up chemical processing two years ago, after watching the documentary “Good Hair” by African-American comedian Chris Rock. Rock visited hair salons, barber shop and laboratories to get the lowdown on weaves, natural hair and the chemical processes that many people put their hair through. At one point, he demonstrated the effects of hair relaxers using a soda can and a piece of raw chicken; when treated with a relaxer, the soda can deteriorated and a hole burned right through the chicken. I thought to myself, if a relaxer isn’t safe enough for a metal soda can or a piece of meat, then it is coming nowhere near my hair.

Nowadays, I think many girls treat their hair because natural hair is looked down upon. At first glance, a natural hairdo might look like an unkempt bird’s nest. It requires a plethora of maintenance, patience and plenty of moisture. But relaxed, straight hair is widely accepted because it looks neater and more presentable, as opposed to having wild, natural hair in your face. Relaxed hair also lets you do as you please. You don’t have to wear protective styles to preserve the delicate ends of your hair or retain its length, and you can also take it easy; you don’t have to fuss and fight with your hair to prevent frizz. Relaxers and texturizers are just the easy way out.

However, relaxed hair isn’t a walk in the park. There are two kinds of relaxer, lye and no-lye relaxers. The active ingredient in lye relaxer is sodium hydroxide, a chemical that’s also found in drain cleaners. Lye relaxers can cause scalp irritation, skin burns, permanent scarring, deep ulcerations, skin drying, irreversible baldness and even eye damage if you aren’t careful with the application.

The active ingredients in no-lye relaxers are calcium hydroxide and guanidine carbonate. Though these aren’t as potent as sodium hydroxide, they are just as dangerous if you aren’t carefully applied.

Lye or no-lye, any relaxer can burn your hair. Relaxed hair is subject to thinning, breakage, stunted growth, severe split ends and scalp damage.

In this day and age, it’s often difficult to fit in with natural hair, because society and the mainstream media pressure girls into conforming to the more accepted image of beauty. But natural hair seems to be on the rise, helping many girls learn to build self-confidence. Being natural gives you a better sense of self. No two curl patterns are alike, which makes girls realize how unique they truly are. There’s something about the uniqueness of natural hair that just makes you feel confident in who you are. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re embracing yourself entirely that makes you feel so fierce.
Many African-Americans have tightly curled hair, while many Hispanics and Caucasians have wavier locks. But at the end of the day, even if your hair is dyed, flat ironed, pressed or even curled, it’s still considered natural. There’s no need to take it to the next level by applying harmful chemicals to your head. The frustration of maintaining natural hair is definitely worth it when considering all the harmful side effects of relaxers. Rock your natural; it looks good on you.


Poem: Piercing Wounds

Dredging in foreign lands, can be unfamiliar as a teardrop is to a drop of blood,

In the eyes of a wounded soul,

—- running along the jagged edges of never being told,

Only sold,

— to the highest bidder of ignorance,

So my past has been renovating since,

—- Since, before I was born,

Since, before I realized that I was the victim of an environment that was war torn,

Side piercing wounds as I prepped my soul for the thorn,

The size didn’t matter because it felt like a gazelle’s horn,

—– boring into chambers that I never knew existed,

Every groove in its surface made sure the pain was twisted,

Much like a punch to the gut, that was two fisted,

So the pain on my face is just one of my disadvantages that are listed,

Guidance is something I’ve always insisted,

—– and my heart grieves when the holes in my soul are exposed,

Exposed, much like a damaged nerve to the air,

Exposing you to pains in your manhood much like a muscle tear,

Sore, but hurts even more when flexed so movement makes you fear,

—-but love replaces adrenaline,

And it gets you through the shadows, and back to times when Love more plenty then,

So the answer now only boils down to when,

When will you acknowledge the calling on your life? But that all depends,

—–On…….. YOU!!!

~~~DaInfamous ©Copyright by Wordplay



Poem: Against the Wall


Poem: Against the Wall

Do I suffer from a broken spirit or just a broken will?
Because there has to be something that caused all this blood to spill,
Because no doctor will tell me this pain can be taken away with just a pill,
The shadows lie in wait for this spirit to wither, up in the hills,
I can feel the oxygen depleting from the air, like a fishes gills,
My legs have been severed, like logs processed by the mill,
They tell me the only thing to shed this pain, is to pierce through the heart with a porcupine quill,
But I say just lay this body against the wall and let the bullets have their fill,
Because, the streets be calling me to a life that’s trill,
The cards are on the table with a gun pointed at me, with a wager of it all or nil,
It’s amazing this body can go from boiling full of life, to an eternal chill,
I sit before Morpheus, with the option of 2 different color cyanide pills,
Then I remember the pain of the graves bill,
So after the bullets have their gluttonous fill

——- Just allow my ashes to float into the heavens!

~~~DaInfamous © Copyright by Wordplay

Poem: Silhouette of a Statue

Dad your unexpected departure leaves an unexpected void in my life,
Like seeing one of your son’s marry, or one of your daughters become a wife,
Only the Lord knows that we had many days of strife,
But the memories of you are just not enough sometimes to suffice,
—– the need for us to have you here,
There were hard times with you, but we knew your Love was sincere,
There were moments in my life, that I swear you had no fear,
It was difficult to read you because alcohol always made you shed a tear,
I wonder a lot how our lives would’ve been different if you never had a taste for beer,
I swear the devil’s drive, would have had to change gears,
I know you are in a place now where you see all and hear,
Its difficult every time I see your favorite corner as it nears,
I cherish the moments of being taught things that were near and dear
—— to your heart,
The stinging has subsided but we still feel then pain of the fiery dart,
I know that only time and more importantly GOD, will give us a fresh start,
And Dad although you had to depart,
We are grateful that the LORD allowed you to be a part,
—— of our lives!

I’ve had some good days, I’ve had some bad days,
But I’ll won’t complain!
But I’ll say Thank you LORD!

~~DaInfamous (c) Copyright by Wordplay


Poem: Eve

You were put to sleep,
In a slumber where there was no apnea,
Your breathing was controlled with no machines,
There was no pain inflicted making no need for morphine,
There was only a cut that was made clean,
She was taken from you like a page from a magazine,
You were awakened but she was nowhere to be seen,
Your chest felt a little lighter but you figured it was from eating lean,
That is until you knew that perfect fit was there, like a woman in her favorite jeans,
You thought that life was playing games with you and just being mean,
Once you cleared yourself of the noise from your teens,
Your senses for her became keen,
Making her presence something that you made you a feen,
—- But there were many impersonators trying to deceive,
Trying to reap the benefits that only she should receive,
The lessons of not waiting came with no reprieve,
Blessed that they didn’t involve added chapters to conceive,
Time is unknown to man, but the book cannot be written until you find your Eve.
— have mines, find yours!

~~DaInfamous © Copyright by Wordplay