Poem: Who we are & What you mean

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We are hard wired,
We are made rough from the sand,
We are Natural hunters and gathers,
We Display strength in the physical & emotional,
Taught; not to cry,
Hardened; only for the purpose to be called a Rock ,
Polished by the streets,
Brutal even when we play,
With Broken limbs & Gaping wounds; we push,
Our pain is a mother’s nightmare,
But a father’s delight,
Known for the large portions we consume,
Testosterone drips in our sweat,
Our eyes are plagued,
We drive ourselves to the brink of exhaustion,
Our women out live us for this very reason,
Plagued with lust from the seduction of society,
Teased by the fame and fortune,
But we just want Love,
That can see past our vicious baring teeth,
Touch us with open palms,
Rub the shoulders the world is weighing on,
Kiss the only tender place on us,
Our lips,
Because you alone have that power,
And some of us run from your strength,
But the real recognizes the real,
So we feel that you should know,
We appreciate you, Woman!

~~~DaInfamous © Copyright by Wordplay


Romantic Snippets: Passion

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Poem: Tenderness

She climbs the hill with such tenderness,
Because her mound is smooth,
and her breathing is like a cool breeze,
bringing chills to the spine,
of the Love that carries her thru,
and always makes her want to come……………. Back Home!

Poem: Awaken

When Love can bring out your primal instincts,
Focus on the touch that makes you roar,
Listen for the sounds you’ve never heard before,
Take a deep breath and smell only its aroma,
Keep a trained eye on the movement of your prey,
Savor the flavor as the taste awakens the beast in you!