The days come and go,
And we try our best to accomplish our goals,
Try our best to live our lives with dignity,
But what happens when the drive, slows down,
And the pace turns into a crawl,
And you begin to look for the meaning of your life,
The purpose in your walk,
And the stride in your step,
Stepping past many things, that will only tarnish in time,
Becoming faded like a sunset against a cloudy sky,
Unable to make out, like a statue oxidizing in the air,
— You stop! And focus on the things that never fade,
Never become dull by cutting hard edges,
Stays sharp,
and able to cut through any pains,
Any grief’s,
Any beliefs,
That attempt rob us of our hopes and aspirations,
Our determinations,
The natural things that heal our souls, like medications,
You may ask me,
What are some of the things that spark my motivation?
And honestly I can tell you many things,
Like a key note speaker, at a graduation,
But simply sometimes,
It’s just the Inspiration in Her Smile!


(c) Copyright by Wordplay



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