About Me….

“The end of time or your time will never be revealed only placed into action”.

I am a writer and poet, birthed in Miami, FL, with a heritage that has roots planted deep in the islands off the coast of Honduras. I have always loved to write, but never imagined poetry would be my first love. I had always taken pleasure in writing essays, but the red pen of my high school English teacher, highlighting the run on sentences, and the proper placement of comma’s made me second guess my love for writing.

In my youth I had only written, infatuation poems to the girls that pricked my interest. It was not until I visited the Literary Café and Poetry Lounge in Miami, that my true love found me and she reintroduced herself. My passion returned and I took jab at doing an open mic, and my life was never the same. My foundation in poetry was rocked when my Friend, Poetic Brotha, CEO of the LiteraryCafe and Poetry lounge and Mentor was tragically killed. However, I can always hear him saying keep going and always remember to remain “Humble yet Explosive”.

I have been working in the Travel and Tourism industry for the past 14 years. I have aspirations to start up a non-profit organization and publish many books of poetry and short stories. There are many people who have and will have a very influential part in future success. I am a valiant team player that will speak up for the victim, and will voice my concern for the greater good. I am shrouded in the garments of my King, with an intellect to understand the vices that plague our communities. I hope that the shadow of my life will someday become an inspiration to this young generation.


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