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Hello Family, Friends & Faithful Supporters,

As a kid, I can’t say that I had a strong desire to be a writer. However, as I think back over my younger days, writing was never my issue; it was my English teacher’s red pen marks about my grammatical errors and run on sentences. Now, when I write all I can hear sometimes is her voice saying “Less is more”. My teenage years I can’t say were the best, but my mother always kept me grateful, so I made the best of them. My relationship with my father was a strained one, and sometimes even volatile, due to my immaturity and his chronic alcoholism. Many young males don’t get a chance to have their fathers around, but here I was with my father present, yet it felt like he was absent, because of the alcoholism. In my 20’s, the tides of my “me against the world” mentality began to calm down. I became more focused and driven to settle down and possibly establish a family. I spent those precious years in a relationship that I figured for sure would end up in marriage. However, that did not happen, and in the beginning I was devastated, but as time went on I healed mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I always tell people, getting over the break up was the easy part; it was the getting over of what I allowed to happen to myself.  When you allow someone you thought loved you, to bring down your confidence and self esteem, it will be the major blow that will bring you to your knees. The worst part about it all, is that it will leave you alone and wondering how you got there. Well enough about that, but I will say I survived thanks to family, some great friends and of course My GOD, who was there for me even through I turned my back on him because of that failed relationship. I am now a married man of one wife, and father to four wonderful children. That was a brief introduction, to let you know a little bit about me, the man, the husband, the father, the brother, the uncle, and the friend.

In 2007 during my healing period, I was invited to attend a poetry venue. At the time I had no idea that would change my life forever. I was challenged by my brother to write a poem and perform it the very next week or so, and he would do the same. Well we did it, and it started something in me that I don’t think I was quite ready for what GOD had in store. Writing poetry became my outlet, and it allowed me to vent in such creative ways. I was groomed, mentored, and befriended by a man by the name of Will Bell Jr. His instruction and  guidance was the catalyst to my growth as a writer. He always gave advice and challenged me, he never wanted anyone that he mentored to sound like him, he wanted us all to find and cultivate our own voice. His catch phrase to us was always “Be Humble,  Yet Explosive”, this reminded of my high school English teacher with the “Less is More” phrase.

I write to you all today because I have always had the desire to become a published author, and came close a few times, but then life happened. I heeded to the call of becoming a parent, and it has been such a wonderful experience, even with its highs and lows, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. With that being said, the demands of family will always be my priority, so of course I placed my dreams and aspirations on the back burner, just like any other responsible parent. However, I’ve come to realize that those days of delay did not mean denial. They were times for me to experience life and learn more about it and myself. I now find myself at a point in my life, where GOD has cultivated and stirred up in me my purpose. My purpose is to write, and my channel to the world is poetry and my life experience. However, as of lately I am constantly being placed in deep meaningful conversations with many of my fellow brothers. Sometimes I use to wonder what they see in me, to even value my opinion or advice. But I’ve come to realize that of course it is GOD leading them and its my responsibility to speak or write to them, through my life experienced lessons. I am always telling people there are many people in the world that know the Bible from beginning to end, yet lack the live experience of it.  People are becoming intolerant to scriptures that they already know for themselves, people want to know when that scripture became “alive” in your life. I don’t want to lose your attention by being too preachy, but I just needed to be honest about the soil in which my roots are planted, and where my strength and courage resides. I am such a “thinker” and sometimes I feel like I can over think things, but I know the spirit is with me.

I have a passion to help restore the integrity of men. The roles of the male creation, no matter what you believe are under attack. The emasculation of the man is one of the single greatest threats to our society. Men are so consumed with what society defines as good man, that they lose the intended purpose of what it is to simply be a Man. I am asking for you to help support my purpose, my passion and my contribution to give back to our community. I am charged to write about not only men and the challenges we encounter, but also our triumphs and achievements. As I am now a husband and father, I feel compelled to speak to my other fellow fathers and husbands. The importance of us being in the right position as leaders of our households, even if you are not under the same roof as your children, is so vital to the health of our society and more importantly our homes. In conclusion, I’ll end with this quote of mines “Having thoughts of quitting is easy and quite superficial. Try challenging yourself and tap into your natural GOD given ability to adapt and succeed”.

I am asking that if you believe in me that you will help me to develop and share my gift to the world. This will be my first publication of the many books I have in me to come. I am already looking at a publishing company, but of course I must continue to do research, so that I will make a responsible decision with your gifts of support of whatever you can, any amount makes a difference because I know it’s out love. I am asking that even if you cannot give, that you will support me in fervent prayers. I will be providing updates to you all throughout the process.   Thank you all for everything and GOD Bless!

Alve A. Campbell

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Poem: A Game called Foreplay


Only a soul that’s pure has the capabilities to Love in a manner, which can affect the laws of time,
Causing spontaneous bursts of writings in the form of rhyme,
It dam sure adds to the fire that your finer than a so called dime,
I love to move my hands across your azz like the invisible wall of a mime,
Your refreshing waters that flow, should be served on the rocks with a slice of lime,
A sip of that drink alone can have me oozing my masculine essence that looks like slime,
I want you to make this solid matter, shoots its thick vapor into the sky like it was sublime,
Is it such crime?
—— to wonder how many looks, touches and kisses it takes, to get you in the bed by nine,
Mentally all I need to see is your brain & body, flashing like a vacancy sign,
Because, I want to lay this blueprint in you and create a new architectural design,
I have a romance coupon that reads that only 2 can dine
—— On each other,
and it can’t be duplicated or passed off to another,
——- because it bears your name,
But it can only be signed with this pen, on the surface of those refreshing waters that poured out of you with the downpours came,
This passion for you runs wild and can’t be tamed,
You are that cartridge I need connected to my inner most parts, in order for us to enjoy this interactive game,
So baby these are my thoughts and I was wondering if you felt the same,
—— If so, just push the Play button!

© Copyright by Wordplay

Poem: Untitled

Love only awakens to a pure tender soul,
Much like a beautiful flower does to the Sun,
Unafraid of the elements the seasons bring,
Because there is a rhythm in the day’s breeze,
A coolness in the night’s air,
Meaning the wind always blows,
In the direction of the windmill,
That provides energy to our souls,
That can never be destroyed, only regenerated.

~~ “DaInfamous”

(c) Copyright by Wordplay

Poem: Lady with the Butterfly Tattoo


Caramelized skin,
Beautiful Smile,
Delicate features,
Exquisite frame,
With hips that sway like the spring flowers,
In an open field,
Tenderly bending back and forth,
Accepting the breeze,
Absorbing the sun,
Sprouting plump fruits,
Swollen and enriched,
Capable of sustaining life,
And satisfying hunger,
But for now,
The flowers spread and bloom,
Producing sweet pollen,
Attracting the inhabitants of the land,
From deep within the forest,
So that they may feed and reproduce,
And dance amongst the grass,
As they kiss each flower that they pass,
Wondering if they can see the colors,
Of taste the difference in the morning dew,
I’ll be that flower in her garden,
So that I can attract the woman with the Butterfly tattoo!


©Copyright by Wordplay

Poem: Street of Blades


The light shines bright only on dark nights,
When you are trying to find your way,
Tip toeing thru alleys littered with blades,
That are cutting at your soles,
While your soul bleeds.
And With every step you make,
It seems like you’re just closer to death,
As each blade divides flesh from bone,
Sending only shock to your nerves,
As the pain dissipates into palpitations,
Causing heavy breathing,
Causing you to sit down, and attempt to get control,
Of your balance,
But the ground grabs at your ankles.
So the earth,
Can remind you of its presence,
It sprouts Lillie’s in between your toes,
And their stems remind you of the tenderness,
In the world,
But the dirt is hard,
And it’s texture is rough,
It’s there for you to walk on,
But your body is the only payment that’s enough,
To satisfy its beautiful appetite.

(c)Copyright by Wordplay

Poem: Answers in Decisions


Through trials we face pains,
Yet we Live,
Live with the burdens of the weight of the world,
Watching it all as it unfolds,
In parables,
That tells the truth of this thing called Life,
So that no one can hide behind the ignorance of a lie,
Told by the old and unwise,
Which is precisely why they are confined to a cell of bitterness,
Padded in Deceit,
With a foul smell of honor that is lacking,
The words of their integrity have no backing,
Exposing their backs to every draft,
Allowing it to carry them away with any gust of wind,
Without even a common courtesy,
Yet you expect me to believe that you supported the work,
But when the Sun heated the earth surface,
You tanned in the flames,
Because you knew there was ice in your veins,
That permeated from the lesson on character that you failed,
Our Savior perished for our selfishness as he was nailed,
To the same cross, you and I believe,
You and I are the descendants of Adam and Eve,
But you can be called Cain,
Because the blood you spilled is calling out from the ground,
I pray that your desire to become a leader is found,
But if not,
Don’t let your pride and ego, eat away at you,
I would rather you,
Find the error in your heart,
And study for the correct answer,
Because the one you chose,
Just suppose it’s Wrong!

©Copyright by Wordplay


The days come and go,
And we try our best to accomplish our goals,
Try our best to live our lives with dignity,
But what happens when the drive, slows down,
And the pace turns into a crawl,
And you begin to look for the meaning of your life,
The purpose in your walk,
And the stride in your step,
Stepping past many things, that will only tarnish in time,
Becoming faded like a sunset against a cloudy sky,
Unable to make out, like a statue oxidizing in the air,
— You stop! And focus on the things that never fade,
Never become dull by cutting hard edges,
Stays sharp,
and able to cut through any pains,
Any grief’s,
Any beliefs,
That attempt rob us of our hopes and aspirations,
Our determinations,
The natural things that heal our souls, like medications,
You may ask me,
What are some of the things that spark my motivation?
And honestly I can tell you many things,
Like a key note speaker, at a graduation,
But simply sometimes,
It’s just the Inspiration in Her Smile!


(c) Copyright by Wordplay