Poem: Answers in Decisions


Through trials we face pains,
Yet we Live,
Live with the burdens of the weight of the world,
Watching it all as it unfolds,
In parables,
That tells the truth of this thing called Life,
So that no one can hide behind the ignorance of a lie,
Told by the old and unwise,
Which is precisely why they are confined to a cell of bitterness,
Padded in Deceit,
With a foul smell of honor that is lacking,
The words of their integrity have no backing,
Exposing their backs to every draft,
Allowing it to carry them away with any gust of wind,
Without even a common courtesy,
Yet you expect me to believe that you supported the work,
But when the Sun heated the earth surface,
You tanned in the flames,
Because you knew there was ice in your veins,
That permeated from the lesson on character that you failed,
Our Savior perished for our selfishness as he was nailed,
To the same cross, you and I believe,
You and I are the descendants of Adam and Eve,
But you can be called Cain,
Because the blood you spilled is calling out from the ground,
I pray that your desire to become a leader is found,
But if not,
Don’t let your pride and ego, eat away at you,
I would rather you,
Find the error in your heart,
And study for the correct answer,
Because the one you chose,
Just suppose it’s Wrong!

©Copyright by Wordplay


Romantic Snippets: Passion

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Poem: Piercing a Yolk


Blood boiling with a heat that only my veins can feel,
Because the world has decided to turn on a flame,
That only burns at the tenderness of my flesh,
Filling the air with a stench that only I can smell,
Leaving only me to feel the pain as my skin deteriorates,
And begin to fall to the earth,
Where it’s to be covered by the dirt,
And never expected to get dirty,
With every attempt to wash my wounds,
I am consumed with the pain of my exposed bones,
That have now become brittle under the morning sun,
Breaking at the joints that try to hold it together,
Causing support to lapse in the face of judgment,
Because my heart was placed on trial,
with no jury,
Leaving the only choice for me is guilty,
But rather let the system put me to death,
I begin to shoot life into my veins,
Attempting to numb the pain,
But my life has been laced with a poison that only intends to infect me,
So I let the needle slide past the ashes on my skin,
Piercing it, and allowing my blood to mix with poison,
Right before the plunger is pushed and the toxins are released into my bloodstream,
Causing a fire to spread from my arm to my entire body,
Buy Rather than wither in the fire,
I embrace the making of a Phoenix,
Because out of the ashes I will rise to soar above the clouds,
Only to be pushed to the earth by the gravity of reality,
Where it keeps me grounded at the stake,
Unable to go past the limitations of the leash’s reach,
Yoked back with every lunge of progress!

(c) Copyright by Wordplay