Poem: A Game called Foreplay


Only a soul that’s pure has the capabilities to Love in a manner, which can affect the laws of time,
Causing spontaneous bursts of writings in the form of rhyme,
It dam sure adds to the fire that your finer than a so called dime,
I love to move my hands across your azz like the invisible wall of a mime,
Your refreshing waters that flow, should be served on the rocks with a slice of lime,
A sip of that drink alone can have me oozing my masculine essence that looks like slime,
I want you to make this solid matter, shoots its thick vapor into the sky like it was sublime,
Is it such crime?
—— to wonder how many looks, touches and kisses it takes, to get you in the bed by nine,
Mentally all I need to see is your brain & body, flashing like a vacancy sign,
Because, I want to lay this blueprint in you and create a new architectural design,
I have a romance coupon that reads that only 2 can dine
—— On each other,
and it can’t be duplicated or passed off to another,
——- because it bears your name,
But it can only be signed with this pen, on the surface of those refreshing waters that poured out of you with the downpours came,
This passion for you runs wild and can’t be tamed,
You are that cartridge I need connected to my inner most parts, in order for us to enjoy this interactive game,
So baby these are my thoughts and I was wondering if you felt the same,
—— If so, just push the Play button!

© Copyright by Wordplay


Poem: Untitled

Love only awakens to a pure tender soul,
Much like a beautiful flower does to the Sun,
Unafraid of the elements the seasons bring,
Because there is a rhythm in the day’s breeze,
A coolness in the night’s air,
Meaning the wind always blows,
In the direction of the windmill,
That provides energy to our souls,
That can never be destroyed, only regenerated.

~~ “DaInfamous”

(c) Copyright by Wordplay

Poem: Lady with the Butterfly Tattoo


Caramelized skin,
Beautiful Smile,
Delicate features,
Exquisite frame,
With hips that sway like the spring flowers,
In an open field,
Tenderly bending back and forth,
Accepting the breeze,
Absorbing the sun,
Sprouting plump fruits,
Swollen and enriched,
Capable of sustaining life,
And satisfying hunger,
But for now,
The flowers spread and bloom,
Producing sweet pollen,
Attracting the inhabitants of the land,
From deep within the forest,
So that they may feed and reproduce,
And dance amongst the grass,
As they kiss each flower that they pass,
Wondering if they can see the colors,
Of taste the difference in the morning dew,
I’ll be that flower in her garden,
So that I can attract the woman with the Butterfly tattoo!


©Copyright by Wordplay


The days come and go,
And we try our best to accomplish our goals,
Try our best to live our lives with dignity,
But what happens when the drive, slows down,
And the pace turns into a crawl,
And you begin to look for the meaning of your life,
The purpose in your walk,
And the stride in your step,
Stepping past many things, that will only tarnish in time,
Becoming faded like a sunset against a cloudy sky,
Unable to make out, like a statue oxidizing in the air,
— You stop! And focus on the things that never fade,
Never become dull by cutting hard edges,
Stays sharp,
and able to cut through any pains,
Any grief’s,
Any beliefs,
That attempt rob us of our hopes and aspirations,
Our determinations,
The natural things that heal our souls, like medications,
You may ask me,
What are some of the things that spark my motivation?
And honestly I can tell you many things,
Like a key note speaker, at a graduation,
But simply sometimes,
It’s just the Inspiration in Her Smile!


(c) Copyright by Wordplay


Poem: Who we are & What you mean

(I do not own or have rights to this image)

We are hard wired,
We are made rough from the sand,
We are Natural hunters and gathers,
We Display strength in the physical & emotional,
Taught; not to cry,
Hardened; only for the purpose to be called a Rock ,
Polished by the streets,
Brutal even when we play,
With Broken limbs & Gaping wounds; we push,
Our pain is a mother’s nightmare,
But a father’s delight,
Known for the large portions we consume,
Testosterone drips in our sweat,
Our eyes are plagued,
We drive ourselves to the brink of exhaustion,
Our women out live us for this very reason,
Plagued with lust from the seduction of society,
Teased by the fame and fortune,
But we just want Love,
That can see past our vicious baring teeth,
Touch us with open palms,
Rub the shoulders the world is weighing on,
Kiss the only tender place on us,
Our lips,
Because you alone have that power,
And some of us run from your strength,
But the real recognizes the real,
So we feel that you should know,
We appreciate you, Woman!

~~~DaInfamous © Copyright by Wordplay

Poem: Tenderness

She climbs the hill with such tenderness,
Because her mound is smooth,
and her breathing is like a cool breeze,
bringing chills to the spine,
of the Love that carries her thru,
and always makes her want to come……………. Back Home!

Poem: Beauty and the Beast


You have awaken a beast far more than you can contain,
Its shear strength can intimidate the tender,
Rendering, efforts to defend futile,
Leaving your field scorched with flames,
And smoldering under only its breath,
The smoke and heat of your anticipation,
Is what feeds him,
He is considered a force to be reckoned with,
Mighty with valor,
He radiates a heat that can be felt with just his presence,
So his touch can be fierce,
Yet you give yourself effortlessly to him each time,
Because you know the allure of his fire,
The tenderness in his flames,
The heat in his touch,
You understand the rage of this beast,
And you allow him to salivate,
Causing His taste buds to blossom,
As He slavers the steam against your bareness,
And the beast was conquered,
With just a mere taste of her skin!


©Copyright by Wordplay