Poem: Lady with the Butterfly Tattoo


Caramelized skin,
Beautiful Smile,
Delicate features,
Exquisite frame,
With hips that sway like the spring flowers,
In an open field,
Tenderly bending back and forth,
Accepting the breeze,
Absorbing the sun,
Sprouting plump fruits,
Swollen and enriched,
Capable of sustaining life,
And satisfying hunger,
But for now,
The flowers spread and bloom,
Producing sweet pollen,
Attracting the inhabitants of the land,
From deep within the forest,
So that they may feed and reproduce,
And dance amongst the grass,
As they kiss each flower that they pass,
Wondering if they can see the colors,
Of taste the difference in the morning dew,
I’ll be that flower in her garden,
So that I can attract the woman with the Butterfly tattoo!


©Copyright by Wordplay


Romantic Snippets: Passion

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Poem: Tenderness

She climbs the hill with such tenderness,
Because her mound is smooth,
and her breathing is like a cool breeze,
bringing chills to the spine,
of the Love that carries her thru,
and always makes her want to come……………. Back Home!

Poem: Awaken

When Love can bring out your primal instincts,
Focus on the touch that makes you roar,
Listen for the sounds you’ve never heard before,
Take a deep breath and smell only its aroma,
Keep a trained eye on the movement of your prey,
Savor the flavor as the taste awakens the beast in you!

Poem: Beauty and the Beast


You have awaken a beast far more than you can contain,
Its shear strength can intimidate the tender,
Rendering, efforts to defend futile,
Leaving your field scorched with flames,
And smoldering under only its breath,
The smoke and heat of your anticipation,
Is what feeds him,
He is considered a force to be reckoned with,
Mighty with valor,
He radiates a heat that can be felt with just his presence,
So his touch can be fierce,
Yet you give yourself effortlessly to him each time,
Because you know the allure of his fire,
The tenderness in his flames,
The heat in his touch,
You understand the rage of this beast,
And you allow him to salivate,
Causing His taste buds to blossom,
As He slavers the steam against your bareness,
And the beast was conquered,
With just a mere taste of her skin!


©Copyright by Wordplay

Poem: Some Ah’ Her


I’ve heard the term loose lips sink ships,
But what about tender lips,
That seems to bloom like the tulips in the spring,
Causing a down pour of showers,
That only seem to rain where the air is moist,
And the pressure builds,
Past a point of insertion,
But one thing that is certain,
Is that lips loosen the joints, that control the arms,
As I pull you closer,
Keeping you warm with just the heat of my breath,
As our fantasies melted,
And begin to ooze into the crevices,
Causing our worlds to connect,
In ways that only seem to contradict,
what you have always thought passion to be,
that is until you tasted the syllables that make up season,
and if for any reason, you lose its flavor,
just wait until the fall, that bends at the knee,
and I will show you why I would trade in the summer,
just for Sum’ ah her!

©Copyright by Wordplay

Poem: Piercing a Yolk


Blood boiling with a heat that only my veins can feel,
Because the world has decided to turn on a flame,
That only burns at the tenderness of my flesh,
Filling the air with a stench that only I can smell,
Leaving only me to feel the pain as my skin deteriorates,
And begin to fall to the earth,
Where it’s to be covered by the dirt,
And never expected to get dirty,
With every attempt to wash my wounds,
I am consumed with the pain of my exposed bones,
That have now become brittle under the morning sun,
Breaking at the joints that try to hold it together,
Causing support to lapse in the face of judgment,
Because my heart was placed on trial,
with no jury,
Leaving the only choice for me is guilty,
But rather let the system put me to death,
I begin to shoot life into my veins,
Attempting to numb the pain,
But my life has been laced with a poison that only intends to infect me,
So I let the needle slide past the ashes on my skin,
Piercing it, and allowing my blood to mix with poison,
Right before the plunger is pushed and the toxins are released into my bloodstream,
Causing a fire to spread from my arm to my entire body,
Buy Rather than wither in the fire,
I embrace the making of a Phoenix,
Because out of the ashes I will rise to soar above the clouds,
Only to be pushed to the earth by the gravity of reality,
Where it keeps me grounded at the stake,
Unable to go past the limitations of the leash’s reach,
Yoked back with every lunge of progress!

(c) Copyright by Wordplay